Maps are inherently colonial in nature. We determine our lands for ourselves based on our language and our oral history through our chaptikwlh/stories as our Sinixt ancestors have done since time immemorial. Sinixt are the mother nation of all Salish peoples our ancient territorial range is from the height of the Rocky Mountains encompassing all what is known today as interior salish lands. Modern day colonial maps do not properly reflect the true presentation of Sinixt territory, in fact most modern maps exclude Sinixt-Lakes Nation all together to fit the policy of the Canadian government's extinction status of our people.  For the puposes of modern day land title rights and consultations we are forced to draw invisible lines to present our lands to the modern society, because of this fact these boundaries are subject to change.

Here are some of the many maps available that list Sinixt/Lakes territory:

Map showing Sinixt Lands according to George Dawson, James Teit, Franz Boas, Vern Ray (1884-1936)

Arrowsmith - Smithsonian Map


National Geographic Map of North American Indians 1972

-Showing Lakes Indian Territory

Map of Sin Aikst [SINIXT] territory from the Book: White Grizzly's Legacy

Old Indian Survey Map

Map from the Book: Plateau Indians and the Quest for Spiritual Power